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What celebrities, athletes and physicians say about Quinoa!

You would be surprised how many famous persons do eat Quinoa regularly. We met an American triathlon woman athlete and she said she bought Quinoa every week, it was perfect for her. But when we asked about if she knew that Quinoa comes largely from Peru, she answered that she had been quite sure that it was a Middle East product. We also asked a waiter in Le Pain Quotidien what was the origin of the Quinoa they made their tabbouleh salad with. Yes, she reply: the Middle East, too. Maybe they confuse Quinoa with cuscus or bulgur, because they are small? But, again, Quinoa is a much better food than wheat or rice.

In LA you can find Quinoa in many restaurants such as Zinqué, Tocaya Organica, Bar Verde and Beyond Vegan in dishes like quinottos, salads, poké bowls, among others. You can check them here.

Celebrities love quinoa…

We do not know if you know, but there are people that hire experts to eat right. They do not want to be overweight or to thin, or weak or nervous, or heavy or looking old before 100! These special chefs and nutritionists have to design dishes and diets that look fantastic, taste delicious and are healthy and keep the legends active as always… Many of them include quinoa and their clients tasted Quinoa and they love it. It is like a perfectly balanced base of the most spectacular and light meal you can have. So you can check what all these celebrities say about Quinoa.

Athletes eat Quinoa

For athletes Quinoa is even more important than for normal celebrities. It is light to digest, has proteins to build or maintain muscles, has calories to keep an active life style and micronutrients to be healthy and focus. We met some Brazilian jiu jtsu fighters, some of them world champions, and other than azai, they also asked to have Quinoa on their diet like 4 times per week.


Institutions and doctors recommend quinoa!

The big initial push for Quinoa came from NASA, but after that many physicians have been recommending to eat Quinoa regularly. Being gluten free, a big segment of the first consumers were celiac persons or families and, containing all 9 essential amino acids (or being a perfect protein), vegetarians and vegan also loved it. Also Quinoa started to be part of the food at hospitals for people with special nutritional needs. And soon we all discovered that plant based food was much more healthy and efficient and delicious than our old eating habits. Here a selection of experts recommending Quinoa:


There is a big discussion if baby boomers would eat Quinoa, when it is a strange ingredient that they did not know about while defining their eating habits. But… are those good habits? Eating a lot of bread, pasta, milk, sugar, potatoes and red meat is not the best way of getting old. And let us remember that potatoes are original to Peru where we have more than 3 000 different kinds, some more healthy than others (and you can check Zack Efron “Down to earth” trip to Peru or Anthony Bourdain’s 3 trips to Peru so to understand the quality and diversity of food in our country).

Skipping like usually generation X, millennials grew more exposed to quite diverse, better food and will include Quinoa as a staple of their cuisine, and Gen Z found Quinoa in so many presentation and dishes everywhere… Well, the more modern, urban, segments of each generation. There are still huge part of the US population that have not tried Quinoa at all. Life is not fair…

Quinoa in some diets…

There are many nutritionist or experts who include Quinoa in the diets they recommend, but some of them have based all their diets on Quinoa. Just two examples: Doctor Oz and Oprah, in their weight loss or cleansing diets.


Quinoa is especially good for vegetarians and vegans, who need plant-based food with high content of good proteins. Celiac or persons who can not -or should not- consume gluten can rely on Quinoa too. For the elderly, kids and health conscious people, Quinoa will provide proteins or all nine amino acids and a big load of other healthy nutrients too, with none of the nutritional or metabolic stress that comes from eating meat.

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