Sacha Inchi & Amazon Nuts

SuperFood Peru includes magnificent nuts!

Sacha Inchi is known as the peanut of the Incas. Its oil is full of Omega so it is a key nutrient for a healthy diet. It can also be consumed as a snack when toasted and there are sweet product presentations when mixed with chocolate.

Brazilian Nuts should really be called Amazon Nuts, since Peru and Bolivia are the biggest suppliers of this product to the world, supporting the conservation of natural rainforests in the Amazon by doing so. The product is of high quality and it is provided by working with local communities who own the lands where it grows. Companies are working to develop the best strategies to conserve the land dedicated to this wild nut.

Export data

Peruvian exports of “Castañas” or Brazilian Nuts reached $ 34 million in 2019, South Korea being the most important market with $ 15 million, followed by the US with $ 9.3 million. Exports of Sacha Inchi were $ 6 million as an average for the years between 2017 and 2019, but the participation in the US market is still very small.

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