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Recipes and products to eat Quinoa!

Now there are millions of Quinoa recipes or mentions in the internet and also recommendations on how to cook Quinoa best. We recommend to cook it as rice in 15 minutes or even using a rice cooker. Then you would have your boiled quinoa to use in whatever dish you decide: salads, side dishes, quinottos -(risottos but with Quinoa), veggie burgers, croquets, sweets, blends, and ice-cream. Don’t forget about all of the ready to eat Quinoa products in the supermarkets. You will have plenty of options to pick up in this section!

Let us start with Quinoa salad recipes?

Once you have boiled Quinoa, you can start adding it to almost any salad o create your own masterpiece for lunch or dinner. Quinoa dishes can be prepared both hot and cold. Look here for some options with very different inspirations and thousands of ingredients to combine!

More recipes for starters, snacks or veggie burgers?

Quinoa can be the base of a dish, a side dish or the protein of a meal. You will find out that there are infinite uses for Quinoa, being easy to cook, easy to combine and easy to digest. Find here some recipes you should try from all over the world, including Peru!

What about substituting rice with Quinoa?

For years many chefs have been substituting rice with Quinoa in dishes from the Spanish paella to Latin arroces or Peruvian arroz con pollo, to Indian inspired dishes or even Chinese fried rice… But what about letting chef Zarate turn an Italian risotto into a magnificent Latin inspired quinotto? Which recipe would you try first?

But we should have given you some Quinoa tricks before all the recipes?

You can cook Quinoa like rice, but here are some secrets of Chef Zarate to have a flavorful Quinoa or crispy Quinoa. Try them! Just ask Martha Stewart or Katherine C. Parker!

And all the ready to eat or value-added Quinoa products…

Quinoa can be eaten in many ways, including having it for breakfast or as a snack. Once we counted the variety of Quinoa presentations and ready to eat products in a natural supermarket: there were 65 of them, from quinoa bread, cookies, bars and chocolates, to pasta, polenta, wafers, salads and croquettes or veggie burgers. Check some of them here, including a Peruvian craft Quinoa beer.

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