A much better food than wheat or rice:

Eat Quinoa once a week... Or more!

Check out below our series of videos from LA celebrity chef Ricardo Zárate and nutritionist and author Manuel Villacorta from San Francisco.

Learn about all the reasons to include Quinoa in a healthy and delicious diet in this special Quinoa and Maca webpage!

Here a short presentation about the basics everyone should know about Quinoa:

Weekly fun fact about Quinoa:

#SuperfoodsPeru Quinoa consumption in the US is rapidly growing, but it still only amounts to 1% of the rice and 0.12% of the average wheat consumption per capita.

That means that for every time the average American eats Quinoa, he or she would have eaten 99 times rice and 859 times more wheat.

Quinoa however, is a much more nutritious food!

A New TV Series: Secrets of Peruvian Quinoa

Chef Ricardo Zárate, Peruvian born and quite successful in the LA fine dining scene, has prepared a special series of 3 videos highlithing how easy and delicious is to eat quinoa. Each episode includes 2 recipes by Chef Zárate:

Secrets of Peruvian Quinoa

Secrets of Peruvian Quinoa: Episode 1

Secrets of Peruvian Quinoa: Episode 2

Secrets of Peruvian Quinoa: Episode 3

Quinoa in Plant Craf

Rachel Carr, professional vegan chef has prepared 3 quinoa recipes, you can watch them here:

Quinoa Burrito Recipe

Quinoa Paella Recipe

Quinoa Burger Recipe

Quinoa in Caliente Kitchen Show

Manuel Villacorta, certified nutritionist and author of 7 books, including 2 about Peru. Manuel has prepared many videos for this page, you can watch them here:

Artichoke Quinoa Muffins

Quinoa: Nutrition, Health Benefits, Cooking Tips and Recipes

3 Key Reasons Why Quinoa Can Help with Weight Loss

The 3 Superfood Andean Sisters: Quinoa, Kiwicha and Kañiwa

Maca the Super Root of Peru

Another #SuperFood Peru is MACA. You can watch Manuel Villacorta video about Maca below:

Maca: The Poweful Health Benefits, Cooking Tips and Recipes

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