Peru is one of the main destinations of foreign direct investment (FDI) in South America. Among other things, the Peruvian government promotes public-private partnerships (PPP) to build infrastructure and spur economic growth. The government has made one of its priorities to enforce a legal framework that is attractive to domestic and foreign investors alike, and that is based on the development of different efficient services available to design and develop the numerous projects possible in Peru.

Investment climate

Peru has established itself as an attractive destination for foreign investment and a reliable and dynamic source of business partnerships for foreign companies. Peru ranks number 3 in Latin America and the Caribbean according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. This index measure how conducive the regulatory environment is to starting and operating a local business.


In an effort to facilitate investment flows into the country, Peru has established the Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru (PROINVERSION), specialized in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). This agency provides various tools to potential investors. Among them the agency provides information on:

  • Basic rights to foreign investors

Important information on guarantees and protections extended to foreign investors.

  • Establishing a company in Peru

Provides a step by step guide on how to establish a business in Peru. Covers topics ranging from choosing the type of firm, to legal requirements and registration, etc.

  • Project Portfolio

Provides information on business opportunities in different sectors of the Peruvian economy. The portfolio includes projects in important and dynamic sectors such as mining, infrastructure, telecommunication, and tourism, among others.

  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Peru

List of projects involving private public partnerships, which aim at developing or improving infrastructure for public services and some projects of key importance for the country.

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