Specialty Coffee & Cacao

Specialty Coffees and Aromatic Cacaos are Peruvian delicacies!

Peru is a top world exporter of specialty coffee and fine chocolates which have won the country numerous prizes in international competitions. While the bigger exports do occur in traditional coffee and cacao products, the quality of those is one of the best in the world too.

Peru has the biggest surface in the world dedicated to growing organic coffee and houses some white cacao that can make chocolate with 100% cacao content.

The fine products are grown in micro lots and specific regions. There are flavor maps with all the variety of these products Peru can supply. Some are from the Northern part of the country with a warmer climate, but most of them are located down further ranging from the Andes mountains to the Amazon jungle.

Some export data

Peruvian exports of green Coffee reached $ 635 million in 2019, while Cacao Products were $ 293.7 million. The coffee exports correspond to the arabiga variety of the other softs, while in Cacao the key products are cacao grains ($ 138 million), cacao butter ($ 84 million) and chocolates ($ 24.5 million).

Some exporters

Top Peruvian Coffee exporters are Perales Huancaruna ($ 93.5 million in 2019), Olam Agro Peru ($ 70.4 million), Procesadora del Peru ($ 50 million), Compania Internacional del Cafe ($ 44.7 million) and Cenfrocafe ($ 31.3 million).

In Cacao products, Peruvian exporters in grain are Cafetalera Amazonica ($ 21 million in 2019), Sumaqao ($ 17.8 million), Amazonas Trading Peru ($ 16.7 million) and Exportadora Romex ($ 15.9 million); in cacao butter are Machu Picchu Foods ($ 59 million), Exportadora Romex ($ 13 million) and Compania Nacional del Chocolates de Peru ($ 11.6 million), and in chocolates are Machu Picchu Foods ($ 14.9 million), Arcor de Peru ($ 2.3 million) and Compania Nacional de Chocolates de Peru ($ 2.3 million).

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