Blueberries & Table Grapes

Peru is a leading provider of fresh fruits to the world!

Blueberries and Table Grapes are the new stars of Peruvian fresh fruit exports. The quality, size and flavor of the varieties grown have allowed Peru to capture more markets. The notable yearly increase in volume was facilitated by new production areas developed in different regions of Peru.

These rising superfoods add to traditional Peruvian fruit exports like mangoes and organic bananas, as well as other fast-growing products like clementine, ginger and pomegranate.

Export data

In 2017, Peruvian fresh Blueberries exports were $372 million, but now Peru is the main provider of this fruit to the US, reaching $825 million in 2019. In addition, frozen Blueberries rose to $11.2 million in 2019.

Thanks to the development of new varieties, Table Grapes grew from $649 million in 2017 to $875 million in exports by 2019. Other important fruit exports from Peru in 2019 were mangos for $ 255 million, organic bananas for $ 152 million and mandarins/clementines for $ 128 million.

Key exporters

The main Peruvian fresh Blueberries exporters are Camposol ($ 183 million in 2019), Hortifruit – Peru ($ 101.5 million) and Hortifruit – Sal ($ 68.6 million), among many others.

In Table Grapes, Peruvian exporters are El Pedregal ($ 84 million in 2019), Sociedad Agricola Rapel ($ 73.4 million), Ecosac Agricola ($ 56 million) and Complejo Agroindustrial Beta ($ 53 million).

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