Avocados & Asparagus

Some of the best ingredients for a wonderful salad!

There is a saying in Peru that adding Avocados to a salad is much like adding steak to a dish, in that you would change the entire flavor profile of the recipe. The texture and flavor of a ripe Avocado, on top of all the health benefits it brings, are definite game-changers.

Asparagus is another vegetable defined by a distinct flavor and health benefits. Normally available in steakhouses as a side dish, Asparagus has now made its way into the hearts of many salads, dishes and, of course, the famous Asparagus cream.

Export data

As of 2019, Peruvian exports of fresh Avocados and Asparagus reached $752 million and $400 million, respectively. Avocados were also exported frozen, adding $ 70 million to their total result in 2019, a large increase from the 2017 total of  $588 million. As for Asparagus, preserved presentations accounted for $102 million and the frozen component added an extra $ 42 million. The Avocado preferred variety is Hass and the Peruvian supply of Asparagus includes both green and white types.

Key exporters

The main Peruvian avocado exporters are Avocado Packing Company ($ 84 million in 2019), Sociedad Agricola Drokasa ($ 60 million) and Agricola Cerro Prieto ($ 54 million), among many others.

Asparagus Peruvian exporters are Complejo Agroindustrial Beta ($ 44 million in 2019), Danper Truijillo ($ 42 million), Sociedad Agricola Drokasa ($ 22 million) and Floridablanca ($ 17 million).

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