Trade promotion agreement

In an effort to continue to eliminate commercial barriers, Peru and the U.S. signed The United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) which came into effect in February of 2009. This accord has been mutually beneficial, as it has opened up new markets for both parties, created a safer environment for U.S. investors, and addressed issues on sustainability, among other things.

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Brief Summary of the United States – Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Some Facts on the PTPA


US Tariff Schedule

The PTPA allows over 90% of Peruvian goods to enter the U.S. duty free. For a detailed list of goods that are already able to enter the U.S. duty free, please click here.

(Goods in category “A” can already enter duty free).


Trade Flow between the U.S. and Peru

All imports into the US from Peru increased by 16.4% from 2016 to 2017, and have increased by 71% since the implementation of the PTPA in 2009. Nontraditional imports, the main focus of this Trade Commission, have more than doubled, with a 115.1% increase from 2009-2017. The top non-traditional imports from Peru include agricultural goods such as asparagus, aagrapes, and mangos, and clothing an apparel including cotton t-shirts and sweaters.

Peru is among the top 25 exporters to Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, and Texas. Exports to Peru from the US have increased by close to 62% since 2009. Peru is among the top 25 importers of goods from Florida, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, and Utah.

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