Peru is the first provider to the US of Artichokes and Piquillo Peppers!


The value added ready-to-eat presentations of Artichokes and Peppers imported from Peru have the highest quality, delicious flavor and are veryconvenient to use in any opportunity. Some of the jarred presentations include fire roasted, full sized or sliced, or in combination with more vegetables.

Convenient gourmet products

The convenience of this shelf stable food represent savings in work force in restaurants and food services, as well as counting with standard size ingredients for specific recipes. At home they are also very easy to use and need to be stored at room temperature.

Some export data

Peruvian exports of ready-to-eat Artichokes reached in 2019 $ 114.6 million and $ 83.6 million were directed to the US market. Frozen Artichokes were exported from Peru in $ 9.2 million. Peppers exports were $ 169 million in 2019 and $ 54’2 million were directed to the US market. The key products were paprika, piquillo and bell peppers.

Some exporters

Key Peruvian Artichoke exporters are Viru ($ 47 million in 2019), Danper Trujillo ($ 42 million), Alsur Peru ($ 13 million) and Cynara Peru ($ 8.7 million).

For Peppers, Peruvian top exporters are Gandules Inc ($ 33.4 million in 2019), Danper Trujillo ($ 18 million), S & M Foods ($ 14.7 million), Viru ($ 13.3 million) and Ecosac ($ 12.1 million).

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Artichoke from Peru


Basic information

Artichoke is a plant native to Africa that is cultivated all over the world, as it is used both its flowers and leaves, thanks to its excellent medicinal and nutritional properties. In the southern hemisphere, it is cultivated in countries like Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Seasonal availability

All year round.

Human health benefits

The artichoke presents a high content of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, offering diverse health benefits like prevention of formation of tumors, colon cancer, prostate and cardiovascular problems. This food contains cinnarine, a compound known to stimulate liver function.


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