This new value-added Peruvian export is sustained by human capital that is able to respond to the challenges of globalization rapidly and efficiently. A favorable structure of production costs and structure, as well as the strategic geographic location of Peru generates a special appeal for private investment in this sector.


Peru offers the world a diverse and profitable export supply of national franchises that are looking to become international, mostly in gastronomy, which present the investor with successful business models capable of yielding high returns for their investment.

Thanks to the mix of cultures and tradition, Peruvian cuisine is becoming one of the most refined and exquisite of the world.

Peruvian entrepreneurs and chefs of international prestige have translated this knowledge into the development of franchises that will allow their concepts to be replicated and spread abroad. The main markets for Peruvian franchises are Chile, Panama, Mexico and United States. More interestingly, it is possible to find Peruvian franchises as far away as in India, and also in highly competitive markets such as Brazil and Spain.

Main products


Create software Peru: specialized programs and consulting.


Enjoy health Peru: elective health program (plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry and fertility).


Gastronomic franchises: chicken and meat, fish and seafood.


Call center

Elective health

Peru is an important South American destination in the provision of plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, fertility, and laboratory services for nonresident patients thanks to the presence of highly qualified health professionals who work in clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technology and certified with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Peruvian health professionals stand out for their excellent academic formation as well as for their warmth and the personalization of their services. Moreover, fees are competitive and patients also have the opportunity to enjoy the attractive tourist catalogue that Peru offers.

Software and call centers

The software industry is a dynamic sector tightly linked to the advances accomplished by the information technologies. Peru is also part of such progress and the professionals working in this activity are developing global solutions in specialized sectors such as banking and finance, health and laboratories, construction, government and education, as well as in tailor-made solutions and outsourcing. The national software industry has 20 years of experience and is generating highly qualified jobs; its solutions are being used in markets of Latin America, United States and Europe.

On the other hand, the decrease in telecommunications costs, the remarkable technological advances, and the cordiality and warmth of the Peruvians have made possible the establishment of customer service centers in the country. Foreign companies have identified the existence of competitive advantages in these services when provided by Peruvian professionals. Some of the main advantages are: quality, proactiveness, experience, and amiability, to which one could also add an optimal diction of the Spanish language.

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