While Perú is famous for its Alpaca, it is also home to several native animals whose fiber has been used in garments for centuries.

One of these is animals is the  Vicuña, a small camelid in the same family as Llama, Alpacas & Guanacos. These tiny creatures weigh approximately 100 pounds and stand 3 feet tall.

Unlike other species, Vicuñas have not been domesticated for their hair, and instead can be found in the wild throughout the Peruvian highlands.

While Vicuña has been coveted for generations, Peru has taken steps to protect the species and help it repopulate to healthy numbers, from the brink of extinction in the mid 20th century.

They are known for their ultra soft and resilient hair which can be sustainably sheared and is favored by exclusive luxury designers in the United States & Europe.

This extremely high quality fiber comes at a steep price though, with a vicuña jacket can going for as much as $20,000, and suits over $40,000 from top brands such as Ermenegildo Zenga and Loro Piana.

In the US you can find premium vicuña apparel at luxury retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.


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