Peru’s textile industry offers the fashion world: high-quality production for a reasonable price, optimum lead-times, minimums that are viable for brands of all sizes & a deep commitment to sustainability.

Our products and services embody the principles of fair trade through respect and equity. This creates equitable commercial conditions for stakeholders throughout the value chain: from fiber production, to yarn, fabric and tailoring.

Peruvian manufacturers are known for their quality, consistency and affordability. With a wide range of manufacturers with experience producing for an international market, brands and designers can find a production partner no matter their size.

Peru also has an enviable trade deal with the United States, wherein Alpaca & Pima Cotton garments that are made in Peru do not have any US duties.

This agreement makes Peru a high-quality and affordable location for textile production, especially when compared to taxes and duties that are levied on goods from China or Europe.

If you are interested in producing textiles in Perú, our office can answer general questions and connect you with factories, designers & production managers, to help make your project a reality!

For more information on knitwear production in Peru visit ALPACA DEL PERU

Perú also hosts a bi-annual sourcing trade show called PerúModa, which takes place in Lima and a rotating location within the United States. The show features some of the nations best textile factories and manufacturers, making it convenient for brands to meet potential production partners.

For more information on PerúModa please visit PERU MODA.

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