Tambopata Reserve, a Bit of Paradise on Earth, Marks 19th Anniversary

Established 19 years ago to preserve the flora, fauna, and ecological processes in part of Peru’s humid tropical rainforest, the Tambopata National Reserve amazes the world for its spectacular scenic beauty and biological mega-diversity that we are called to preserve. The Tambopata National Reserve is located south of Madre de Dios River, within Tambopata and Inambari districts of Tambopata province.  Officially created by Supreme Decree No. 048-2000-AG on September 4, 2000, the reserve covers an area of 274,690 ha.

The presence of this important protected natural space generates conservation processes to secure the sustainable use of natural resources and the landscape. The Tambopata River basin displays one of the highest biodiversity rates in the world. Its most common ecosystems include aguajales (palm swamp forests), marshes, pacales (mixed bamboo forests), and riparian forests, whose physical characteristics allow locals to make the most of natural resources.

In addition, Tambopata is located right next to the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, which surrounds it to the south, thus forming a highly important protection unit for the country. The current connectivity with protected natural areas in the region (The Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, and the Alto Purus, and Manu national parks) and those in Bolivia, sustains the existence of the proposed Vilcabamba-Amboro biological corridor.

The Tambopata National Reserve contains mainly aquatic habitats that are home to more than 40 species of transcontinental migratory birds. The place protects important endangered species, making it a privileged destination for tourists who want to watch the diversity of wild fauna and flora. The buffer area is home to Palma Real, Sonene, and Infierno indigenous communities belonging to the Ese’Eja ethno-linguistic group, and the Kotsimba community belonging to the Puquirieri group.

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