Ruta Moche

This destination is located around two important cities in the north coast of Peru, Trujillo and Chiclayo, so the altitude is not inconvenient for any tourist to visit it.

The Moche Route includes archaeological sites from the Mochica and Chimu cultures, like…

The citadel of Chan Chan, the largest and oldest adobe-built city in the world

Tucume, a valley with many pyramids made as burials for kings.

Señor de Sipán, a burial with extreme luxury and complex rituals that is still under investigation.

El Brujo, which is the first proof of the extreme power reached by a woman priest.

Huacas del Sol and la Luna: with spectacular paintings and different decorations in each of their floors.

A visit would not be complete without tasting one of the best regional cuisines of Peru, especially in the city of Chiclayo.

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