Pisco Exports Would Reach US $ 7 million at the End of 2019

Export for pisco, Peruvian flag liquor, would close this 2019 in more than seven million dollars, surpassing the five million 800,000 dollars achieved last year, estimated the Association of Exporters (Adex). The association reported that this goal would be achieved with the different actions that the private and public sectors will carry out in order to have a quality offer and promote their presence abroad.

In 2016 Peru exported pisco for 8.5 million dollars, in 2017 it dropped to 6.7 million dollars and in 2018 it reached 5.8 million dollars. Only in the first four months of the year, shipments totaled more than 1.8 million dollars, an increase of 26.3% compared to last year’s same period. It is expected that this positive trend will continue throughout the year.

The Pisco Committee of Adex plans to coordinate with PromPerú to bring buyers in order to hold appointments with businessmen and pisco producers and strengthen shipments to that block. This action is part of its 2019-2021 Work Plan, that was presented a few days ago and that includes other activities to strengthen the export capacities of the associated companies, and promote and develop an internationalization strategy.

Fuente: Andina https://andina.pe/agencia/noticia-exportaciones-pisco-llegarian-a-los-7-millones-al-cierre-2019-757549.aspx

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