Peruvian gastronomy and Pisco

Travelers who visit Peru are delighted with the variety of dishes offered by the Peruvian cuisine.

For the ninth consecutive year, the Peruvian cuisine won the prize for the best culinary destination in the world awarded by the World Travel Award.

Peruvian gastronomy includes a variety of dishes and is considered one of the best in the world.

Among the list of winners recognized in the 50 best restaurants in the world 2019 are three Peruvian restaurants, pride of our country:

#6. Central; Lima, Peru
#7. Maido; Lima, Peru
#39. Astrid y Gastón; Lima, Peru

There is a long list of very good restaurants throughout the country that we recommend to visit.

Pisco is the Peruvian labeled liquor, distilled with grape strains of the best quality to delight the most exquisite palates, it can be prepared in cocktails such as pisco sour or chilcanos of different flavors.

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