Peruvian chef wins 2019 Best Chef Rising Star Award

Peruvian Chef Pia Leon won The Best Chef Rising Star Award of the 2019 Best Chef Awards.

As is known, Leon is in charge of Central restaurant alongside her husband, the world famous chef Virgilio Martinez.

The Rising Star Award recognizes emerging young chefs. Last year, it was grabbed by Bros’ – Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Poti from Lecce in Italy.

On the other hand, Swede Bjorn Frantzen was named the best chef in the world and received the 2019 The Best Chef Award.

Second and third places on the podium went to Joan Roca and David Muñoz, respectively.

The ceremony took place in Barcelona city (Spain).

In June, Central ranked sixth in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards and was named the Best Restaurant in South America at the Continental Restaurant Awards 2019.

Fuente: Andina

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