Peru’s non-traditional exports expand 10.9% in August 2018

Peru’s non-traditional exports amounted to US$1.133 billion in August 2018, up 10.9% compared to the same month a year before, Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR) informed.

This growth was explained by the 11.8% increase in shipped volume, while the average price showed a slight decline (0.8%).

Concerning the exported value, the financial entity noted greater sales of avocados (75%), giant squid (47.8%), blueberries (58.7%), cotton t-shirts (25%), frozen fruits (52.9%), and flexible laminates (33.5%), among others.

As per destinations, Peru’s top export markets were North America (20.7%), the European Union (10.7%), Andean countries (7.6%), and Asia (6.9%).


Fuente: Andina

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