Peru’s agro-exports to total US$7 billion in 2018

Peru’s Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Gustavo Mostajo estimates that traditional and non-traditional agro-exports will amount to US$7 billion this year.

The sector is experiencing sustained annual growth of 12% —a figure that is also expected for 2019. This will invigorate the economy and further cement the country’s position as a food supplier to the world.

“I’ve been told they (agro-exports) have reached US$6.5 million so far and, despite ambitious expectations, we are close to reaching the goal,” he remarked.

Mostajo explained that coffee is one of the most exported traditional products, and blueberries are among the non-traditional ones.

On the other hand, exports of avocados, grapes, and tangerines are growing very rapidly in the European market, while mangoes and asparagus maintain stable levels of production and sales.

On Tuesday, the sector’s head took part in a Christmas breakfast for 300 children eating at soup kitchens across Lima’s peripheral San Juan de Lurigancho district as part of an action plan to fight anemia.

There, he noted that one of the Government’s key axes is the fight against anemia and that his sector is making several efforts to get healthy and nutritional products.

“This will contribute to better nutrition of our children, who are directly affected by anemia,” he pointed out.


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