Peru: World’s Second-Largest Organic Coffee Exporter

Peru remains the second-largest organic coffee exporter of the world and the main exporter of this bean to the United States, the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) informed on Friday. In 2018, certified coffee shipments totaled 1.021 million quintals, of which around 90% were organic.

According to Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez, the quantity of consumers —who prefer 100% organic and specialty coffees— continues to grow, a trend that must be taken advantage of in order to consolidate the position of this Peruvian beverage under the logo: Coffees from Peru. Likewise, the official recalled the Coffees from Peru brand represents all the types of coffee produced in the Inca country that are characterized by their outstanding quality.

Specialty coffee exports represent a great opportunity, as their prices are usually between 20% and 40% higher than the ones listed in the stock exchange,” he expressed.

Coffees from Peru brand is aimed at contributing to the proper positioning of this important national product worldwide. It should be noted total Peruvian coffee exports reached US$682 million in 2018. The main destinations were the United StatesGermany, Belgium, Sweden, and Canada.

Fuente: Andina

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