Peru to create new travel corridors for Machu Picchu visitors

Visitors to Machu Picchu will be able to use two additional travel corridors in order to reach the Inca citadel: one through the Amazon access and the other through Choquellusca and Piscacucho communities, Machu Picchu District Municipality has informed.

The aim is to diversify tourist attractions, invigorate the local economy, and improve the experience of more than 5,000 visitors to Machu Picchu per day.

Intended to enhance the cultural, natural, and social heritage in the area, the projects were passed at the last Machu Picchu council meeting.

The technical file is expected to be completed this year and the works are to be carried out in 2020.

According to Councilor Omar Cabrera, the budget set to improve the paths for pedestrians (expansion, cleanliness, and clearance of pathways), as well as to build rest stops and viewpoints is S/4 million (about US$1.2 million).

These projects will involve the construction of interpretation centers, information booths, restrooms, and the placement of garbage cans for solid and organic waste.

Additionally, gardens with native plants will be found along the paths and other areas will be reforested.

Finally, locals will attend training and awareness sessions on environment-related issues.

It must be noted around 1,200 tourists reach Machu Picchu —one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World— through the Amazon access but put their integrity at risk due to the lack of adequate infrastructure.


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