Peru signs loans with World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank

The Economy and Finance Ministry —on behalf of the Government of Peru— has signed two loan agreements with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in order to provide people with timely access to health services.

The loans amount up to US$125 million each and are expected to partially finance the “Integrated Health Networks Project,” whose beneficiaries include Peru residents who do not have social security or private health insurance.

The document was signed by Peru’s Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva, World Bank Country Director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru Alberto Rodriguez, and Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank in Peru Viviana Caro.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Health Minister Zulema Tomas, whose sector will implement the project through the National Health Investment Program (Pronis).

According to Oliva, said lending operations will increase Peruvians’ access to efficient and quality health services.

According to the Health head, Zulema Tomas, the signing marks a historic milestone for health care in the Andean nation.

“The implementation of Integrated Health Networks will benefit over 20 million Peruvian citizens, who do not have social security or private health insurance, by offering them an immediate and effective solution that will result in reduced waiting times for appointments, as well as in access to tests and medicines from the first level of insurance coverage,” she pointed out.


Fuente: Andina

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