Peru: Service exports to reach US$8 billion in 2018

Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Edgar Vasquez on Tuesday projected Peru’s service exports will expand 5% by the end of 2018 compared to last year, reaching a total of US$8 billion.

This outcome will be underpinned by the travel and transport sectors’ good performance.

“In Peru, the two major spheres —concerning services— are travel and transport thanks to the tourism industry’s dynamism,” the official expressed.

In this sense, the top target markets are Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

The travel sphere is related to travel agencies, city tours, and food, among others, whereas transport is linked to the mobilization of passengers, cargo, etc.

However, other sectors such as software, 3D animation, movies, mobile app development, graphic design, business advisory services, civil engineering, and architecture, among others, are significantly moving forward, thus expanding their exports capacity.

Remarks were made during the 2nd International Service Exports Forum organized by Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL).


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