Peru: Industrial exports up 11% in Jan-Oct 2018

Industrial exports totaled US$4.397 billion between January and October 2018, thus increasing 11% over the same period last year, the Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) has informed.

However, this expansion has not exceeded the figure recorded in 2013 (US$4.756 billion).

According to Adex, the chemical, iron-steel, and metal-mechanic sub-sectors have already surpassed the results from 2013.

Nevertheless, three other spheres (textile, garment, and others) have not reached those numbers.


The chemical sub-sector totaled US$1.296 billion in the ten-month period, a 15% rise compared to 2017. In 2013, the shipments amounted to almost US$1.260 billion.


Likewise, the iron-steel sphere reached US$1.015 billion in the aforementioned term, a 7% expansion over the same period last year. Therefore, it exceeded 2013 results (US$1.014 billion).


Furthermore, the metal-mechanic sub-sector amounted to almost US$488 million between January and October 2018, surpassing the outcome of 2013 (US$467 million).


Garments reached nearly US$800 million, thus increasing 11% over the same term in 2017. However, shipments totaled US$1.123 billion in 2013.


Additionally, textile exports in 2018 (US$379 million) have not exceeded the numbers from 2013 (US$453 million).


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