Peru: Fishery sector up 7.5% in Feb 2019

Total landings of hydrobiological resources amounted to 199,300 metric tons (MT) in February 2019, 13,800 MT higher than the same month last year, Peru’s Production Ministry has informed.

“In terms of volume, these numbers represented a 7.5% increase compared to February 2018,” it underlined.

This result was due to greater landings of species intended for direct human consumption, which reached 166,400 MT (+50.3%).

Likewise, it was driven by the increase in the unloading of species for canned (116.8%) and frozen (80.4%) products.

However, anchovy landings destined for indirect human consumption posted a decrease, amounting to 32,900 MT (41,900 MT lower than the figure registered in February 2018).

This slid was due to a Ministerial Resolution that suspended extraction activities, as there were high numbers of juveniles in the fishing areas.


Fuente: Andina

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