Peru: Fishery sector increased 25.97% in August 2018

Peruvian fishery sector’s production expanded 25.97% in August 2018, compared to the similar month last year, National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) informed Monday.

This growth was underpinned by greater catches of species destined for direct human consumption (+30.82%).

According to INEI, the unloading of species for frozen (+89.1%), cured (+20.1%), and canned (+1.9%) goods saw an expansion.

However, fishing for fresh consumption decreased by 3.6%. Similarly, catches for indirect human consumption fell 48.53%, due to lower anchovy captures (-17.8%).


On the other hand, non-traditional exports expanded 10.37% in August this year, compared to the similar month in 2017.

Nevertheless, total exports (-0.87%) and traditional shipments (-4.94%) slid in the analyzed month.

Farming, textile, fishing, and chemical products stood out among non-traditional shipments, while metal-mechanic, iron-steel, as well as non-metallic mining exports decreased.

Furthermore, the most demanded traditional products were the fishery ones and petroleum derivatives, whereas agricultural, petroleum, and natural gas shipments shrank.


In August 2018, total imports of goods and services grew 9.84% compared to the same month in 2017.

This result was mainly driven by higher imports of commodities and intermediate products (+27.78%), while imports of consumer goods (-6.81%), capital goods, and construction materials (-3.44%) decreased.


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