Peru Fin Min: Government finishing up Chancay Port Terminal details

The Peruvian Government currently works on the last details of the upcoming construction of Chancay Megaproject, which will become one of the most important ports in the South Pacific area, Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva has affirmed.

In this sense, the high-ranking official indicated Peru will continue leading economic growth in the region in the next years underpinned by domestic demand.

Likewise, he informed private investment will be driven by greater mining investments and the acceleration in the execution of infrastructure projects.

“We have a significant portfolio containing a total of 58 projects worth over S/20 billion (US$6 billion). The idea is to award them in the coming three years,” Oliva expressed.

Finishing up details

On the other hand, Transport and Communications Minister Maria Jara held a meeting with representatives of Volcan mining company and Chancay Port Terminals to finish up the details of the partnership agreements that will enable the execution and operation of Chancay Port Mega-complex.

This initiative was promoted by the Transport and Communications Ministry. In the upcoming days, Cosco Shipping Ports Limited (CSPL) will be incorporated.


Furthermore, Minister Jara affirmed the port will transport agro-industrial products, roll-on/roll-off cargo, as well as solid and liquid products.

“The port will boost the country’s productivity,” she said.

Regional hub

Moreover, the Chancay Port Terminal is expected to become a distributing hub of transshipment cargo from Asia to South America’s west coast. It will also be the central point of trade link between China and Peru.


Fuente: Andina

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