Peru exports hit over US$47.700 billion in 2018

Peruvian exports totaled US$47.702 billion in 2018, thus expanding for the third consecutive year (+7.5%) and exceeding the historical record of 2012 (US$46.359), Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez informed Monday.

According to him, this outcome was mainly underpinned by an increase of non-traditional exports (+12.6%), especially from the agricultural (+15%), fishery (+26%), chemical (+12%), and metal-mechanic (+12%) sectors.

The non-traditional products with the highest growth were giant squid (+60%), blueberries (+49%), grapes, and avocados (+26%), as well as fine hair products (+20%), plastics and articles thereof (+16%), as well as cotton garments (+13%).

“In the case of blueberries, US$544 million were exported, surpassing expectations,” the official expressed.

Likewise, he underlined the Inca country is the world’s second largest exporter of avocados, after Mexico.

On the other hand, traditional exports rose 5.6%, driven by higher sales of natural gas (+35%), as well as oil and its derivatives (+16%).

Furthermore, traditional fishery exports (fish flour and oil) registered an 8.3% expansion, while mineral shipments increased 4%.


Fuente: Andina

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