Peru: Embroidery work in Colca Valley declared National Cultural Heritage

The knowledge and know-how of the embroidery work carried out in Colca Valley —located in Arequipa region’s Caylloma province— were declared National Cultural Heritage by Peru’s Executive Power.

Technical and artistic skills of Colca Valley embroiderers are rooted in the Collagua and Cabana view of the world.

The declaration was made official via vice-ministerial resolution issued by the Culture Ministry and published last week.

This recognition highlights the technical wealth, as well as historical, traditional, and artistic values of the iconographical and symbolic content in the work, which is strongly rooted in the Collagua and Cabana world view, as part of an empowerment process for the cultural identity of the Colca Valley population.

Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca) Manager David Valdivia announced the Culture Ministry is preparing a text on the embroidery work carried out in the valley.

Its publication is expected to happen before December 8 —the feast of the Immaculate Conception, the most important one in Caylloma province, where hundreds of couples dance to the beat of Wititi in Chivay.

According to Autocolca, Wititi dancers’ clothes are duly embroidered, featuring the area’s flora and fauna.

The nomination file was prepared and submitted by Caylloma’s Percy Murguia Huillca —the promoter of Wititi’s declaration as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


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