Peru: e-commerce accounts for 7% of total sales

Production Minister Raul Perez-Reyes has informed e-commerce currently accounts for 7% of the Inca country’s total sales.

According to the government official, three years ago sales volume was next to nothing, and —although it has increased— it is still lower compared to other nations in the region.

“E-commerce does not compete against physical commerce, but the trend certainly shows it is fully replacing it,” he expressed.

“Peru is one the countries with the highest number of young math champions in the world. For that reason, it has the algorithmic skills to generate a top-tier apps supply,” Perez-Reyes added.

Digital transformation

On the other hand, the official pointed out the Production Ministry (Produce) is mainly boosting digital productive transformation, thus meetings —both internal and with other sectors— have been held.

“Digital economy is one of the strongest trends currently existing in the world,” the minister highlighted.

Perez-Reyes also stated the Inca country needs to enter this type of economy with strength, just like Colombia has done and Chile has started to.

Furthermore, the Produce Head informed his portfolio has already begun the digital productive transformation agenda, adding the goal is to implement the Digital Economy Center next year in order to help businesses acquire strategies and develop a supply of digital products.


Fuente: Andina

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