Peru: Colca Valley retains position as Arequipa’s main tourist attraction

Colca Valley’s tourist inflow grew 20% between January and September 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, thus consolidating its position as the most-visited destination in southern Arequipa region.

According to Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca) Manager David Valdivia, the place welcomed 221,394 tourists in 2018, a higher number over last year (165,179).

The rise was most pronounced in March, July, and August, due to Holy Week, Peru’s Independence Day, and Arequipa’s foundation anniversary celebrations, respectively.

The majestic flight of the condor is one of the most eagerly awaited spectacles by visitors to the area.

According to Valdivia, the figures reported so far imply that the site is likely to receive 300,000 tourists by the end of 2018 —thus setting a new record, taking into account Colca has attracted between 200,000 and 250,000 over the past years.

“Autocolca works on tourism promotion to increase the inflow of visitors to Colca Valley, both on a national and international scale, which has provided satisfactory results —statistically speaking— and we’ll continue along that path,” he affirmed.

Valdivia recalled that a number of activities are being organized on the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27, which will bring in more domestic and foreign travelers.

Finally, he informed more than 30,000 visitors are expected in September, a higher number from the same month last year.

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