Peru: Colca Valley expected to break new visitor record

A total of 28,793 tourists have —so far— visited Colca Valley during Arequipa’s anniversary month, a number close to the one recorded in August 2017, Colca Autonomous Authority Manager David Valdivia informed Thursday.

According to the official, 33,421 sightseers arrived at the valley in the same period last year, a figure that will be surpassed in a few days as the month has not come to an end yet.

“We’re confident the number of tourists will exceed 33,000 by the end of August since an average of 1,000 tourists arrive at Colca Valley on a daily basis,” Valdivia expressed.

“Visitors are willing to experience the natural beauty of the place and the traditions of locals,” he added.

The White City celebrated its 478th anniversary’s main days last week. In this sense, there was an increase in the flow of tourists, who made the most of their stay and traveled to Colca.

Valdivia expressed his satisfaction over the figures recorded. From January to date, tourist inflow (185,912) has been higher than the one registered in the same period in 2017.

Given these results, authorities expect 280,000 sightseers to have visited Colca by the end of 2018.


Colca Valley is one of the region’s top attractions. The area offers numerous tourist services, and besides its natural beauty, visitors come to enjoy the majestic flight of the condor —an emblematic Andean bird.

The place is located four hours from Arequipa city, and there is a paved road leading to such natural site.

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