Peru: Cajamarca celebrates traditional carnival

Peru’s northern Andean Cajamarca region currently celebrates its traditional carnival with troupes and patrol parades.

On Sunday, the neighborhoods’ residents showed their best attires for the traditional contest that took place through the streets of the city’s historic center, which lasted over seven hours.

Tourists —both nationals and foreigners— were able to see the parade, which was led by the carnival’s Central Committee Chairman Jorge Casas.

Like every year, Cajamarca’s traditional neighborhoods participated with a numerous delegation and showed new motifs for the contest.

The festivities will continue with King Momo or Ño Carvanalon party. King Momo is considered the king of Carnivals in numerous Latin American festivities. His appearance signifies the beginning of the Carnival season.

Furthermore, the wake and burial of King Momo will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Public and private institutions will also participate in this event.


Fuente: Andina

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