Peru: Agro-exports exceed US$7 billion goal in 2018

Peruvian agro-exports amounted to over US$7.030 billion in 2018, Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Gustavo Mostajo informed Thursday.

According to the official, the goal —set by the Peruvian Government— to generate higher income in the sector has been met.

Said increase represents a 12.4% rise compared to the previous year (US$6.255 billion).


The most exported products were fresh avocados, fresh grapes, unroasted coffee, fresh blueberries, as well as fresh asparagus, accounting for 44% total shipments.

In this sense, the increase in exports of avocados (US$724 million, +25%); grapes (US$718 million, +10%); unroasted coffee (US$711 million, +1%); and blueberries (US$590 million, +63%) was highlighted.


Furthermore, the official recalled his portfolio had decided to not only manage the entry of new products into international markets, but also to improve the position of the currently available ones.

In the next days, the first agricultural attachés will join diplomatic missions in Europe, China, and the United States in order to handle the entry of new farming goods into those markets.


Fuente: Andina

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