Peru: 2018’s second anchovy season borders 100% quota

Anchovy capture’s quota —assigned in 2018— has almost reached the 100% rate. Thus, this fishing season is practically closed, Peru’s Production Ministry (Produce) has informed.

In mid-November 2018, the second fishing season started in the Inca country’s central and northern sea areas. Plus, the total maximum limit for anchovy catches —intended for direct human consumption— was 2.1 tons.

On the other hand, Produce indicated over 15,000 artisanal fishing boats were regularized by the end of last year.


Furthermore, Deputy Fishing Minister Javier Atkins pointed out Produce Minister Raul Perez-Reyes currently works with the Economy and Finance Ministry (MEF) to promote tuna fishing in the Inca country.

According to him, incentives for the tuna industry are being considered such as a reduction or exemption of the Selective Consumption Taxes (ISC) imposed on fuel for tuna fishing vessels.

Remarks were made after renewing the interagency cooperation agreement between Produce and the privately-run National Fisheries Society (SNP).

This accord is aimed at promoting the consumption of fish in the country.


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