Mamacocha Lagoon Declared a Natural Wonder of the Andean Community

The plenary session of the Andean Community declared Mamacocha Lagoon, located in the district of Ayo in Arequipa, as a natural wonder. This recognition was awarded in merit to its extraordinary natural beauty, being the largest spring lagoon in the world, its biological diversity, and its important provision of environmental and ecosystem services, announced the Peruvian representative in the Andean Parliament, Mario Zuñiga.

He also said that the spring that flows along 17 kilometers of crystalline water is a kind of oasis in the arid desert of the Valley of the Volcanoes, where unique and vulnerable wildlife species such as the Pacific otter coexist. Shrimp and several species of fish and birds can also be found in the lagoon. This creates an authentic paradise that deserves to be known by Peruvians and foreign visitors. The Andean parliamentarian added that the geographical area where is considered an intangible zone, since it contains samples of rock art and important archaeological remains.

Fuente: Andina

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