Lambayeque Celebrates “Pomac Fest 2019”

This year’s “Pomac Fest”, a festival that celebrates the conservation of the most extensive tropical dry forest in the country, started Saturday and will last until June first. It has a varied program that includes sports, gastronomic, cultural and recreational activities, with the aim of promoting tourism to this natural protected area located in Lambayeque.

Among the adventure tourism activities that will be carried out throughout the week, they offer bird watching, cycle tourism and the “Pomac Trail”, a circuit in which professional runners will visit different attractions of the Sanctuary. Moreover, talks regarding different topics, including biodiversity and sustainability, will also be held.

During this week, the drawing and painting school competition, and the artisanal and gastronomic fair, will take place, showing the talent of the local population. Furthermore, attendees will be able to be part of traditional games and ancestral customs that will provide a better understanding of the local culture.

Fuente: Andina

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