La Libertad Region Seeks to Position Marcahuamachuco as a Tourist Destination

During 2018 16,000 tourists visited Marcahuamachuco, Wiracochapampa and Cerro Miraflores, the three archaeological sites open to tourism in the Huamachuco district, located in the province of Sánchez Carrión, La Libertad region. However, the Execution Unit 007 Marcahuamachuco began a series of efforts two months ago to position these archaeological sites and increase the number of visitors, said its director Jorge Luis Ríos Barcellos.

One of the actions put in place is the work that is being done with the communities that are located near the archaeological sites, so that they can provide services to the visitors. Ríos Barcellos reported that approximately 3,000 people live around these three archaeological sites and what is sought is to enable them to provide lodging, food, sale of souvenirs and artistic expressions, among others. “For nine years the Executing Unit has worked on the recovery of the archaeological sites, but now we want to integrate the communities to organize and empower them, so that they have an active participation around these sites. We are thinking of including landscaping specialists and later we will ask for the support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Tourism. What we are looking for is the social profitability of these pre-Inca spaces”, he told Agencia Andina.

Fuente: Andina

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