INACAL Looks to Increase Quality in the Production of cacao and chocolate

In order to raise the quality and improve the competitiveness of Peruvian cacao and chocolate, the Ministry of Production, through the National Institute of Quality (INACAL), recommends the use of Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) and good practices in the production chain of these products, which will contribute to the access to new national and international markets.

In this sense, the Executive President of INACAL, Clara Gálvez Castillo, highlighted the importance of the application of these standards within the framework of the activities of the “X Cocoa and Chocolate Salon Peru 2019”, in order to improve quality standards, which generates a higher income and value for the producers. It should be noted that INACAL, has several Peruvian Technical Standards for the benefit of cocoa and chocolate production.

Fuente: Andina

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