Huancavelica Will Become the First Organic Region of Peru

Huancavelica will become the first “organic region” of Peru and tomorrow the launch of this denomination will be published with the support of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (Promperú). To become an “organic region”, Huancavelica works to improve its agricultural and livestock production, irrigation technology, training for producers and promotion of organic certifications.

Huancavelica has great export potential, producing avocado, aguaymanto, yacón, granadilla, cherimoya, native potato, quinoa, corn and tarwi, among others. Last April, the Regional Government of Huancavelica signed a framework agreement for cooperation with the Association of Exporters (Adex) for the proper positioning of its offer to achieve one goal: to become the first organic region in the country. The agreement identified five non-traditional products with great potential: Hass avocado, quinoa, mature cheeses, trout and camelid fiber.

The Expo Los Andes 2020 contest, organized by the regional governments of Huancavelica, Apurímac, Ayacucho, Ica and Junín, was also presented. The meeting will be headed by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vásquez; the regional governor of Huancavelica, Maciste Díaz; and the executive president of Promperú, Luis Torres.

Fuente: Andina

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