Get to know amazing twenty-angled stone in Cusco

The huge twenty-angled stone —located on the façade of an Incan wall at Qollmay archaeological site in Cusco‘s Chinchapucyo district (Anta province)— has amazed locals and occasional tourists. 

Qollmay —situated about three hours away from Cusco city by road— was crowded by authorities and hundreds of residents on October 6, when the first representation of Qollmay Raymi (a tribute to water) took place. 

People began to show astonishment and interest in such stone before and after this Incan ritual. 

With 20 angles, the stone almost doubles the number of angles of the famed “Twelve-Angled Stone,” located on Hatunrumiyoc Street, about a block away from Cusco’s main square. 

“Neither us nor locals themselves had realized it until now, due to the vegetation covering the place,” Chinchapucyo Mayor Franklin Estrada Gallegos told Andina news agency. 

The archaeological site was recognized by a directorial resolution issued by the Ministry of Culture, but no one has pointed out the value of it for its recovery, restoration, and maintenance. According to the authority, the place seems abandoned. 

After discovering this stone and investigating other archaeological remains, Cusco Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) reported that an inventory of cultural and tourist attractions will soon be available for their promotion. 

“The place is frequented by tourists, but we don’t know their intentions to do so. The area has been looted and abandoned. So, the aim is to coordinate, restore, and highlight its importance,” the local authority commented.

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