Fishery exports totaled US$1.563 billion between Jan-May 2019

Peru’s fishery exports totaled US$1.563 billion between January and May 2019, thus increasing 24% compared to the same period last year, the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) informed Monday. According to CCL’s Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (Idexcam) Executive-Director Carlos Posada, China is the main destination for fishery shipments, accounting for 47% of the total (US$735 million), followed by South Korea (7%, US$102 million) and the United States (6%, US$89 million).

The main products exported during the analyzed period were fish flour (US$722 million), frozen cuttlefish (US$208 million), fish oil (US$119 million), and canned cuttlefish (US$112 million). They are followed by frozen shrimps (US$42 million), jack mackerels (US$36 million), canned anchovies (US$17 million), fish fillets (US$17 million), and canned tuna (US$13 million).

Likewise, Idexcam indicated five product lines started exporting to the international market and with rising exported values. These five products were fresh or frozen jack mackerels (US$225,639), alive or fresh oysters (US$205,103), salmon fillets (US$197,610), and tilapias (US$110,090).

Although export figures of the above-mentioned products are still low compared to other goods from the same sector, Idexcam pointed out these have begun to generate new trade flows and might be having a good reception in the different markets they have reached.

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