Chanchamayo: What You Need to Know About This Paradise Located In the Peruvian Jungle

Buying a bus ticket that allows you to contemplate the sunrise at the entrance to the Amazon of central Peru is the key to get an incredible experience. The tickets from Lima are bought from Movil Bus and it is advisable to leave at 9 or 10 p.m. (The journey lasts eight hours). The morning is lush, humid and with a soft mist that envelops vegetation. Junin is a region that offers certain privileges, since while being in the central highway it is possible to witness a unique geographic change: the transition of the valleys of the Tarmeña mountain range to the fresh landscapes and waterfalls of Chanchamayo.

The excursion begins in La Merced, a joyful city that was once the home of the Ashaninka. The Plaza de Armas is simple and welcoming; There, tourists will be able to find the Mother Church in the background, a building of colonial architecture. Chanchamayo has gained fame for the practice of adventure sports and its famous waterfalls. To reach some of them, tourists have to climb rocks and cross rivers Indiana Jones style. Always accompanied by an exquisite tropical forest. The Tyrol and Veil of the Bride are also impressive. The first, located three miles away from San Ramón district, is 35 meters high; the second is in Perene and is over 60 meters high. At an average temperature of 75 ° Fahrenheit, it always causes a dip.

Now, the Junian region is one of the cradles of Peruvian coffee, and the best way to admire it, is with a visit to the coffee plantations. There, visitors can observe the grain processing and taste the result.

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