Central Bank: Peru’s annual inflation returns to target range in June 2018

Peru’s annual inflation went from 0.93% in May to 1.43% in June this year, returning to the target range (between 1% and 3%), Central Reserve Bank (BCR) informed on Friday.

Likewise, Peru’s core inflation (the change in prices of goods and services except those from the food and energy sectors), on an annual basis, stood at 2.23% last June, showing a stable trend and hovering around the center of the target range.


The monthly inflation rate amounted to 0.33% in June, reflecting the rise in the price of segments affected by higher excise taxes: vehicles (5.5%), sodas (2%), and cigarettes (8.9%).

These segments, along with price changes of other goods subject to excise taxes (such as juice, fuel, and alcoholic beverages), contributed 0.17 percentage points to the analyzed month’s inflation.

Likewise, inflation outside of the food and energy sectors stood at 0.28% in June, reflecting price movements of goods (0.67%) and services (0.04%).

As per goods, the price increase of vehicles and cigarettes stood out from the rest.



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