Canyon of the Lost: How to Get to this Attraction?

Adventure in the middle of the desert of Ocucaje. 69 km southeast of the city of Ica (2 hours and 45 minutes by car), in the district of Santiago, the journey to the Canyon of the Lost starts. It is a geological formation that has not been highly explored, but that will impress you in a matter of seconds. Dare to walk in its depths.

The tour to this attraction lasts approximately 8 hours (full day) and you will have to leave from the Plaza de Armas of Ica in the morning. It is recommended to take a certified travel agency (Dolphin Travel or Turismo Aventura) to visit this attraction, since the place is not yet considered an area protected by the State. The cost per person to make the trekking to this impressive natural anchovy of more than 100 meters high and 5 km long, starts at approximately 50 dollars.

It is believed that this canyon is about 35 million years old, information backed by the fossil remains found. The four levels of this attraction invite you to stay tuned throughout the route. Keep in mind that the minimum recommended age for the tour is from 14 to 16 years. So, take your precautions if you want to go with the little ones in the house.

A guide will not only tell you the best places to take pictures, but will also detail everything about the fossil remains of whales, megalodon teeth and seashells found at this point. A lagoon is also part of the tour that you can do in a few hours.

The festival, which has been held for two years, aims to publicize these tourist attractions of Puno, in addition to promoting the gastronomic, cultural and artistic wealth of the province, which has between its products the best organic coffee in the world: the coffee of the Clouds and Tunki.

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