Cajamarca becomes Peru’s main coffee-exporting region

Peruvian Cajamarca’s coffee export revenues amounted to US$54 million between January and June 2018, a 41% increase over the same period last year, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) informed.

According to Mincetur, Cajamarca positioned itself as the Inca country’s major coffee exporter driven by the results obtained in the first half of the current year.

While it is true that the North-Andean region is the Inca country’s third-largest coffee producer (right after San Martin and Junin), its shipments increased continuously during the analyzed period.

Thus, said region’s exports expanded 24% in January (US$20 million), 148% in February (US$11 million), 51% in March (US$5 million), 48% in April (US$3 million), 33% in May (US$4 million), and 17% in June (US$12 million).

Regarding exported volume, Cajamarca also takes the first place. This region shipped 22,757 tons of coffee (+43%) in the first half of this year, Mincetur pointed out.

Other regions

Lambayeque and Amazonas —the third and sixth-largest Peruvian coffee exporters— also stood out over the aforementioned period, increasing 29% and 8%, respectively.

Coffee shipments

During the first half of 2018, coffee shipments totaled US$135 million. Concerning exported volume, it registered a 6% rise, reaching 52,470 tons.


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