Agricultural – Livestock Sector Grew 4.3% Between January-April of this Year

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) revealed that during the first four months of the year (January-April), the agricultural sector grew 4.3% compared to last year’s same period. According to information provided by the General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies (DGESEP) of the Ministry, the increase in the sector was driven by increased production of the agricultural subsector (4.2%) and the livestock subsector (4.5%).

This growth of the agricultural subsector between January and April was driven by the increased production of cranberry, which grew by 105%, and cocoa, which grew by 20.3%. In addition, sugar cane and asparagus production grew by 24.4% and 8.0% respectively. There were also increases in grape production 6.0%, avocado 15.3%, cotton branch 61.8% and rice rind 2.7%, among others. Meanwhile, the increase in the livestock subsector was driven by a higher production of chicken, which increased by 5.1% and chicken eggs 13.2%. Likewise, cow’s milk production grew by 2.7% and porcine by 3.0%.

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