30% of Peru visits are for holidays, recreation

At least 1.2 million (30%) of the 4 million arrivals registered in Peru in 2017 comprised tourists who visited the Inca country for vacations, recreation, or leisure, and arrived at Jorge Chavez International Airport.

According to the 2017 Foreign Tourist Profile report, crafted by PromPeru, 46% of the corresponding flights were included in a tourism package. Said result represents a 14% increase over 2016.

The study shows the average spending of these tourists amounted to US$2,000, which doubled the vacationer’s investment of US$946.

The largest flow of visitors came from the United States, with 30% of arrivals. These were followed by travelers from Brazil (6%), Canada (5%), Spain (5%), and Argentina (5%).

The average length of stay was nine nights, and the busiest hotels were those of four and five stars.

As in 2016, Lima, Cusco, and Puno were the most visited cities. However, Arequipa took the fourth place, thus ousting Ica which now holds the fifth position.

As for the generational groups that arrived in the country under this modality, 36% of tourists were baby boomers; that is to say the people who were born between 1945 and 1964 and preferred to plan their trips in advance.

Their average travel expense stood at US$2,516, according to the PromPeru study.

As is known, Peru also launched an ambitious strategy to substantially boost the number of Chinese visitors to the Inca country.



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