Peruvian exports to the US grew during 2020, reaching $6.3 billion!


Peru is a key provider to the US of many products like blueberries, asparagus, grapes, seafood, gold, Pima t-shirts, Alpaca sweaters… Los Angeles, March 25 / The long and strategic trade partnership between Peru and the United States is strong, successfully surviving the Covid-19 pandemic, with sectors like agriculture, seafood, chemicals growing, and products including gold and […]

Peru: Investment in 14 shopping centers to reach US$795 million in 2019-2021


A total of US$795 million will be invested in the development of 14 shopping centers across Peru between 2019 and 2021, Lima Chamber of Commerce’s (CCL) Institute of Economics and Business Development (IEDEP) has reported. Six projects worth US$401 million will open in Lima this year, being Mall Real Plaza Puruchuco (Ate) of Grupo Intercorp […]